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The NewNelson website was created following our family's relocation from the UK to Nelson, New Zealand in 2006.

We were a family of five living a perfectly normal life in a beautiful village in Suffolk, England...we had established a good business, built a lovely house which had plenty of space and land and to top it all we had a loving family all living close by. Yet, despite all of these exceptionally good reasons to be content, we always had a yearning for the kind of climate and lifestyle associated with New Zealand and Australia.

It was during a six week holiday exploring New Zealand and Australia that we realised our lives
were never going to be quite the same again, we had an amazing holiday and connected immediately with New Zealand. When we returned back to the UK we really tried to settle back into our 'normal' lives but we just couldn't get the attraction of living in New Zealand out of our system.

About a year after we returned from our holiday just after Christmas when the weather had turned grey, cold and miserable we made the life changing decision to apply for Residency in New Zealand. As we weren't tied to any particular area, two of us traveled back to New Zealand to research in more detail the places we though would suit us, finally deciding on Nelson

The application was difficult and acceptance for Residency in New Zealand relied on my husband obtaining a full time job offer but eventually after much effort and jumping through many hoops; it all came together.

Our children were aged 16, 14 and 9 at the time... not a great time to be moving them from their current schools and eduction but we knew that if we didn't give it a go it was always going to be one of those 'what if' senarios we'd look back on with regret.

Saying goodbye to our family and friends was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do.

Before we left the UK and on our arrival in Nelson, we relied heavily on the internet to provide us with as much information as possible, it was really difficult trying to piece all the local information together because you don't know all the local areas.

We needed local information, we wanted to try to get a feel for the areas we were researching but after spending hours working our way through hundreds of websites we still found it really difficult to piece it all together. Research, research, research... we needed as much information as possible about everyday things; shopping, banking, doctors, dentists, health care, schools, solicitors, child care, hobbies, places to meet new people and most importantly, where we were going to live . The list goes on - basically we would need to replace almost everything from our lives in the UK with something similar in New Zealand and in our case it was for all five of us! The internet played such an important part in providing us with all kinds of information.
In essence it was simple - because we were moving from somewhere we knew really well to a place we were 'New2', we wanted to know the 'big stuff' like finding a rental, schools, what areas best suited our needs and replacing essential services, then we wanted to know the 'little stuff' like what local facilities would be nearby and then...we needed to know how it all 'fitted together' - simple!
Having gone through the process ourselves we felt that a 'one stop' website containing the information that we had needed would be really useful and save people time. 
So we created the New2Nelson website which is not just for people moving half way around the world, people relocating from within New Zealand, Australia or another part of the world will all be looking for exactly the same kind of information.

If you are a local business or community service provider and you think your information would be useful, please consider listing your information to help make this website as helpful as possible.

The more you know, the better informed you'll be and the easier it is to decide what's right for you!

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